The World’s Most Important Cities…According to Rich People

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Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

An aerial view shows Tower Bridge in London.

According to the Wealth Report, which surveyed people worth more than $25 million, some of the richest people in the world think London, New York City and Hong Kong signify the three most “important” cities in the world.

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Based on power within the global financial market, the market for luxury housing, economic opportunities, highbrow educational institutions, political influence, safety, knowledge, quality of life and more, the world’s top cities were wedged into a list. Only two countries had multiple city representatives, with the U.S. and China each tossing two within the top-10. 

London easily led the way for survey respondents based on everything from a powerful economy and a wonderful quality of life to its political and cultural influence and an ample supply of luxury housing.

Slipping in behind London was New York, mainly for the same reasons London took the top spot. Hong Kong grabbed third and was noted for its GDP per capita that leads to a high quality of life and well-educated residents.

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Paris, with its prime properties and cultural influence, grabbed fourth and Singapore, with its high GDP per capita, completed the top half of the list.

The U.S.’s second representative, Miami, grabbed sixth, while Geneva, Switzerland earned seventh. Two Chinese cities, Shanghai and Beijing, fell in line next and Berlin rounded out the top-10 list with the European Union’s most powerful economy.

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