Roaming 400-Pound Bear Surprises Unsuspecting Texter

If you ever needed a reason to stop texting while walking, it's this one.

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Texting while walking can be dangerous. Potholes, oncoming traffic — and in the case of one Southern California man a large black bear — could be on the other side of that status update.

Los Angeles news station KTLA captured footage of a 400-pound bear surprising an unsuspecting La Crescenta, Calif. man as he exited his home Tuesday morning. Affectionately dubbed “Meatball” by area residents, the bear was believed to have roamed the area for weeks, swiping frozen meatballs (among other things) from a neighbor’s refrigerator, a local NBC affiliate reports.

Shortly after cementing the unnamed man’s Internet fame, the bear was contained and tranquilized by  California Department of Fish and Game officials. Fear not, “Meatball” was then released back into the wild.

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