‘Toto the Tornado Kitten’ Gets Own Children’s Book

Tiny cat with perfect name braves disaster, turns local literary star.

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Tiny cat with perfect name braves disaster, turns local literary star.

In other words, an irresistible story that was probably destined for a children’s book. A tiny six-ounce kitten reportedly rescued from a tree last year after a tornado tore through Brimfield, Mass. is now the subject of a new book by its adopted owner.

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Meet Toto the Tornado Kitten, now on a media tour. Speaking with a local Fox affiliate in Boston this week, Jonathan Hall, the paramedic who adopted the cat, named him after Dorothy’s famous dog in The Wizard of Oz and then wrote the book about their adventure, retold Toto’s origin tale on TV:

“One of the lucky survivors was Toto the tornado kitten here. He was a little kitten that was found by a tree worker in a tree the day after the tornado and rescued, he was turned over to us in the fire station … and we tried taking care of him but couldn’t.”

Hall added that he had to turn over Toto to the local Animal Rescue League because he was so tiny, but was eventually able to adopt him.

The illustrated children’s book Toto the Tornado Kitten debuts this month, with profits going to the Rescue League of Boston, which first saved the cat. “The book will appeal to both children and adults alike, and provides a means for parents to discuss the effects of natural disasters on children and their environment,” its Amazon description reads.