Gas Siphoning Photo on Facebook Surprisingly Ends in Arrest

Pro Tip: If you're stealing gasoline from a police car, don't post about it on Facebook.

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What happens on Facebook rarely stays on Facebook. Yet, posting pictures is fun (and making memes out of them is even more fun — right, ridiculously photogenic guy?) That’s why some friends’ feeds are nothing but Instagram snaps of their favorite foods or treasured newborns, while others constantly update their profile pics with increasingly flattering head shots. Then there are the people who post photos of themselves mid-crime and get themselves arrested. Don’t know anyone like that? Well, let us introduce you to Michael Baker.

Baker, 20, was arrested after pictures he posted on Facebook landed in the hands of police in Jenkins, Kentucky. The snapshots show Baker siphoning gas from a Jenkins City police cruiser while flipping the bird to the camera.  The photo began circulating among Baker’s friends, who shared it with their friends, who shared it with still more people and, yada, yada, yada, Baker now faces misdemeanor charges.

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According to The Smoking Gun, he was scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Letcher County District Court. Lesson learned? Perhaps not. The Smoking Gun quotes Baker’s Facebook wall, where he responded to a friend who missed the image before it was yanked from his Facebook page: “Yea lol u would just have to seen it it was funny as hell tho.” Hopefully the judge doesn’t see that, otherwise Baker could be stuck taking a page out of this guy’s (Face)book.

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