Man Discovers Newborn Fawn on Doorstep

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Well, it had to be said: here’s a story that’s proving impossible not to fawn over.  Photographer James Chang posted the above clip of the newborn fawn that he found on the suburban doorstep of his parents’ Pacific Grove, Calif. home.

While the fawn nestled on the welcome mat, its mother was across the street nibbling on a few blades of grass. What Chang described as an “interested cat” appears to be checking out the entire scene from the safe distance of the underside of a driveway vehicle.

The only sounds heard are click of the camera’s lens zooming in to focus on newborn fawn, the dining mother and the quizzical cat. When the photographer first discovered the fawn on his parents’ doorstep, “I freaked out, because I thought it was hurt and needed help,” he told KSBW News, which added that Chang called a 911 dispatcher who told him the fawn was probably fine.

And, while it’s not seen in the homemade video, the fawn’s mother eventually returned to fetch her child about an hour later, says Dara Brown at the Today show, who spoke with Chang after the discovery.

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