Reading While Eating for April 30: Walking and Talking

In today's lunch links: a new 'Newsroom' trailer, accents around the world, and the least captivating webcam ever.

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Competitors run in the rain along the banks of a the Blackwater River at low tide during the Maldon Mud Race in Maldon, Essex April 29, 2012.

Winter Is Coming. Now Watch My Slide Show: What do Ned Stark and Al Gore have in common? Both were the right hand men of previous rulers who keep nattering on about climate change. Here’s the full list of U.S. politicians as Game of Thrones characters. (Flavorwire)

The New Newsroom Trailer: The second teaser for Aaron Sorkin’s coming HBO series, now 54% more Sorkiny. (The Daily

Inside Hitler’s Bunker: Rare and unpublished photos from LIFE magazine. (

Problems We Wish We Had: Doree Shafrir explains how to turn down a job offer without screwing it up. (Buzzfeed)

The Most Boring Webcam Ever: Only eight things have happened in this Australian pitch drop experiment since 1927. But the next could come any year now! (Mental Floss)

What’d He Say? An amazing six-minute tour of the world’s English accents. (The Daily