Reading While Eating for May 3: Further Reading

In today's lunchtime reading: libraries, more libraries and the worst people on the Internet. (Not you.)

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Stefan Wermuth/Reuters

Newcastle United's Papiss Cisse celebrates after scoring against Chelsea during their English Premier League soccer match at Stamford Bridge in London May 2, 2012.

What Would Hemingway Read? Check out this interesting look at the titles in famous authors’ libraries. (Flavorwire)

…And Where? A gallery of Europe’s most beautiful libraries. (Mental Floss)

Bad, Bad People: Who has the worst commenters on the internet? Buzzfeed investigates. (It’s definitely not us.) (Buzzfeed)

Conspiracy Theory: What killed the dinosaurs? New research suggests that asteroid wasn’t acting alone. (

Breaking Boundaries: Texas rapper Adair Lion’s great new video ‘Ben’ does an astonishing thing by calling out the hip hop world’s endemic homophobia (“Where you at, Wayne? Where you at, Ye?”), yet somehow needs to boost Lion’s own manly bona fides by having a couple foxy girls catfight over him. Still: baby steps. (The Daily