Reading While Eating for May 8: Wild Things

For today's lunchtime reading: Remembering Maurice Sendak and sticking a fork in Ashton Kutcher.

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Luke MacGregor/Reuters

A man offers Ascot Racecourse mascot, Scotty, some food before the Mascot Grand National 2012 at Kempton Park race course in London, May 7, 2012

Remembering Maurice Sendak: If you think the author of Where the Wild Things Are is cool now, read Buzzfeed’s list of the 20 greatest things Maurice Sendak ever said and realize how awesome he truly was. (Buzzfeed)

Yes, They Come in ‘Thin Mints’: NestlĂ©’s launches a new line of Girl Scout cookie-inspired candy bars. Buy some from your boss’s daughter today! (

How’d They Swear Her In? Here’s the story of Elva Zona Heaster, the only known person whose murder was solved thanks to her own ghost. For Maurice, read it to your kids. (Mental Floss)

Next: Brothel Wars? With word that HDNet is making a reality show out of the world’s oldest profession, Flavorwire takes a look at some of the best houses of ill repute in pop culture. (Flavorwire)

One-Armed Little Leaguer Throws a No-Hitter: Sorry, but at age 14, Coleman Shannon is already awesomer than you. Watch the video and weep. (The Daily

The Ashton Kutcher Deathblow: Hasan Minhaj delivers a scathing coup de grace to the former Mr. Demi Moore following last week’s brownface potato chip ad debacle: “You’re not even being racist correctly.” Shamwow-wow. (Buzzfeed)