Reading While Eating for May 11: Call Your Mother

In today's Lunchtime Links: Mother's Day advice, 11 signs we don't need anymore and enough Jon Hamm to get you through the weekend.

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Daniel Aguilar/Getty Images

Thousands gather for Paul McCartney's free Mother's Day concert at the Zocalo in Mexico City on May 10, 2012.

Happy Mother’s Day: If you still haven’t gotten a gift for mom yet, here’s how not to screw it up. And if you screwed up last year and need to make amends, here’s 15 exceptional gifts. (

11 Signs We Don’t Need Anymore. Why does the captain still turn off the no-smoking sign, anyway? (Mental Floss)

Listen Up: Flavorwire has the 10 MP3s you need to download right now. Now. They’re free! We’ll wait. (Flavorwire)

Jon Hamm Story of the Day #1: The actor has reportedly signed up to play a sports agent who goes searching for Indian cricket players to turn into baseball pitchers in a coming Disney film, Million Dollar Arm. A second career for TIME cover model Sachin Tendulkar?  (Divanee)

Real-Life Quidditch Demands to Be Taken Seriously. Bwhahahahahahahahaha (Buzzfeed)

Fug vs. Fab: Who wore it best at this week’s Met Ball? And by ‘it’ we mean fantastically expensive clothes. (Go Fug Yourself)

Jon Hamm Story of the Day #2: In this installment of Rookie magazine’s “Ask a Grown Man” series, Hamm gives web-video advice to teenage girls on style, boys and what to do if you’re stuck on the red carpet with the guy from LMFAO. Is it really another 48 hours till Mad Men?