Reading While Eating for May 14: Ah, Mondays

In today's lunchtime reads: The War on Mother's Day, a heartwarming Reddit campaign and a fond farewell to a bad TV show.

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Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

Women stand on a performer who calls himself 'The Human Floor' as he lays on a bed of broken glass at the Watch City Festival celebrating Steampunk in Waltham, Massachusetts May 13, 2012.

The Mothers’ Day Backlash Begins: Why the woman who founded Norman Bates’ favorite holiday later fought to have it abolished. (Mental Floss)

Attention, Buttheads: Actor Tom Wilson, who played Marty McFly’s nemesis Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future trilogy, is so tired of the stupid questions he gets about the movies he carries around this amazing pre-printed handout to save time. (Buzzfeed)

Go Buy Some Stamps: Scott Widak has Down syndrome and a terminal liver disease. But he loves getting mail. This letter-writing campaign on Reddit will make you tear up faster than pictures of kittens baking cupcakes for sick puppies. (The Daily

Lay off Fifty Shades of Grey: If you really want to fight filth at your local library, try banning Atlas Shrugged and these other weeping sores of literature. (Flavorwire)

CSI Miami Cancelled! In tribute, tear off your sunglasses and watch all of David Caruso’s one-liners at once, if you can handle that much YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHing. (Buzzfeed)