The Best Cover of LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ You’ll See, Ever

18-year-old Noah Guthrie might be the only person who could make us want to hear this song again.

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Just when you thought you really didn’t want to hear “Sexy and I Know It” ever again as long as you lived, along comes a cover that changes your mind.

The video, recorded by 18-year-old singer-songwriter Noah Guthrie, has racked up a cool 5 million views just one week after he posted it to his YouTube channel. The South Carolina native often records covers of popular songs, but “this time it’s something a little different than what I usually do,” he explained in the video before launching into his bluesy, acoustic version of the inescapable dance hit. He said he’d secretly wanted to cover the club tune for a while and finally figured out how to arrange it. It’s a lot different from the original, he explains. And, we’d venture to say, maybe even better.

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Noah has already appeared on NBC’s “Today” show, where he performed part of his original arrangement and chatted with Matt Lauer and Ann Curry, telling them the whole experience has been “surreal” — especially because he’s completely self-taught.

Noah’s in the process of finishing up his first original album, which he assures us is coming sometime soon. Before that, though, he’ll probably tackle graduating from high school.

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