Reading While Eating for May 23: A Bed of Roses

In today's lunchtime links: the worst rich people on TV, the best football tricks you'll see today and one dumb criminal.

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Mohsin Raza/Reuters

A man spreads rose petals, which will be used to make incense sticks, on the floor to dry in a compound in Lahore on May 22, 2012.

Dumb Criminal of the Day: Rule #1 about stealing somebody’s iPhone: make sure it’s not automatically uploading the pictures you take of yourself to the victim’s Apple Photo Stream. (The Daily

The Last of Their Kind: Meet ‘Lonesome George’ and 4 other animals who were the last of their species. (Buzzfeed)

Meet the Worst Rich People on Television. Somewhere, Donald Trump is steamed he didn’t even make the list. (Flavorwire)

What Exactly Is Quicksand? Besides nature’s handiest plot device, that is. (Mental Floss)

Ye Olde LIFE Magazine Jousting Photos. This is amazingly dorky, even for 1952. (

Look Ma, No Hands: French prankster and YouTube star RĂ©mi Gaillard shows off his best trick football shots of 2012. (The Daily