Candidate to Newspaper: Take Your Endorsement and Shove It

Congressional hopeful Stephan Brodhead has no time for the Tacoma, Wash., News Tribune.

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Broadhead for Congress

Stephan Brodhead

It’s that time of year again, when local candidates for public office make the pilgrimage to the editorial offices of local newspapers in the hope of securing a campaign boost.

Or, they don’t.

The Tacoma, Wash.,  News Tribune, has been closely tracking the state’s 6th district Congressional race this year. Representative Norm Dicks recently announced his retirement after 35 years in the House, and five Republican candidates are jockeying for the party’s nomination take over for the outgoing Democratic congressman. With only one Democrat in the primary slated for Aug. 7, all the focus is on which of the GOP candidates will emerge to challenge him, and The News Tribune has been interviewing them one by one on their positions in order to determine whom to endorse.

Lucky for them, local businessman Stephan Brodhead has helped make the choice easier – by disqualifying himself. When asked to come by the paper, he fired back a four paragraph “official response” that more or less let The News Tribune’s editorial board that their publication was not even worth lining his birdcage with. The scathing reply — which The News Tribune brilliantly and shamelessly printed in full on their website — concluded with the following tirade:

I stand on my resume, lineage to the “Founding fathers”, lineage to epic legislation, decades of diligent military service, worldwide aviator status, environmental stewardship, and demonstrative small business acumen.

I am an enlisted man who clawed and worked for everything. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I did not inherit my net worth like Bill Driscoll. I am not an Oxford trained Ivy League elitist who never created a job like the bureaucratic socialist Derek Kilmer. I am a conservative who believes in limited government, a strong military, and the private sector.

I have never subscribed to the Tacoma News Tribune or used their classified or advertising services. I found their classified ad cost to be ridiculously priced, and I use Craigslist to advertise my rentals. I use Google to get my news; hence, asking for an endorsement from your obsolete “Obama Yellow Press” makes no sense whatsoever.

Given the amount of trees that are destroyed for newspapers I don’t condone or support your paper version of The Tacoma News Tribune. In addition, I will not allow the News Tribune Editorial Board to determine the equity of my personal contributions to society or my worth as a candidate for Congress.  I consider your editorial board as simply glorified liberal leaning content less bloggers that use antiquated environmentally unfriendly technology.  Just  endorse Kilmer the socialist or Driscoll the tree killer…..

It’s really too bad, Mr. Brodhead. The News Tribune was surely clamoring to be listed among your other high-profile endorsements, Norma’s Barber Shop and Lincoln Auto Parts.

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