WATCH: A Surprise Dance Video Worth Seeing

Yes, Internet, we've seen it before — but this unexpected routine is as charming as it gets.

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Around the NewsFeed offices, we’re not afraid to tout the best of the best when it comes to viral videos. Adorable duets? Check. Chubby British babies? Check. Cheeky sports teams? Check, check. But when it comes to surprise dance videos — particularly of the wedding variety — we’re just not that interested. You know the ones, where a happy couple shake-up a stuffy formal occasion with their own unexpected choreography, usually involving a Sir Mix-a-Lot tune? It’s a sweet idea, folks, but we’ve seen it before.

But, then, from the depths of YouTube, comes a surprise dance video that could charm even our jaded hearts. Mike and his daughter Jessica delighted her Bat Mitzvah guests with a surprise dance set to an eclectic music mash-up. Their moves stand out from the crowd for two essential reasons. First, it doesn’t take place at a wedding where these routines have become just that — routine! Second, can you imagine your dad learning to Dougie for you? Didn’t think so. We’re not surprised the video has garnered almost a million views in just a few weeks.

Of course, it should be noted that as adorable as they are, even Mike and Jessica could not escape the dreaded Sir Mix-a-Lot.