Introducing Wedding Uggs. Ugh.

NewsFeed says "I Don't" to the Australian footwear company's latest venture.

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UGG website

The American bridal industry brings in an estimated $40 billion every year. So it’s not exactly surprising that companies with no ostensible link to marital bliss would still want to find a way to cash in. Which could be why the company that unleashed sheepskin boots on an unsuspecting world is now jumping into the wedding market.

Ugg Australia has unveiled a new “I Do!” capsule collection, featuring a line of fuzzy footwear for a bride’s big day with the slogan, “Your wedding just got cozier.” And, no, this is not a joke. The line includes the Sparkles boot, which has the classic Ugg shape and is bedazzled in white and pink iridescent sequins ($190); the Bailey Bling boot, which comes in a silvery hue and has a Swarovski crystal button ($225); and the Fluff Flip-Flop, a shearling covered sandal that looks like pretty much exactly what it sounds like ($80).

Horrified? You’re not alone. The online fashion community almost instantaneously denounced the shoes and it’s not hard to see why. Yes, an argument could be made for the boots’ comfortableness, but the same argument could be made for Crocs. Or slippers. Or old gym socks. Either way, not the look most of us would want to sport on our trip down the aisle. What bride dreams of her groom looking her up and down on their big day and whispering tenderly, “My darling, you look so… comfy”?

And even if we could ignore the fact that the vast majority of weddings take place in the spring and summer months — making fur-lined boots a bit impractical– the “I Do!” line looks as if it was designed for the same demographic that would peruse the Disney Princess collection, rather than an actual grown woman who can legally marry.

Our advice: if you want cozy, grab a Snuggie. If you want to walk down the aisle, put on a real pair of shoes.