Metta World Peace Is a Weatherman in Canada

And now the weather, brought to you by a Los Angeles Laker with anger management issues.

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This is what happens when the Lakers lose so early in the playoffs. Metta World Peace, formerly known as inimitable NBA enforcer Ron Artest, ditched his day job earlier this week and headed north to British Columbia, where he became the resident “NBA weather specialist” for a Canadian TV station. By the looks of Metta’s ability to read the weather, though, it doesn’t look like CTV BC News will be giving him a full-time gig.

Wearing a newsboy cap, the forward powered through a two minute segment (full version here), reciting the temperatures and weather movements in the area. Even the CTV BC News‘ own report on World Peace’s guest appearance seemed to have little clue what he was doing in their newsroom: “It wasn’t clear why Metta was in Vancouver but said he was happy to be there.”

To immortalize the moment, here’s a selection (in no particular order) of NewsFeed’s favorite quotes from Metta-weather-man’s two minutes of storm-chasing glory:

  • “Prince George is up there, what’s up Prince, how you doing?”
  • “There’s a line up here, I don’t know what that means.”
  • “The Earth is moving right now.”
  • “Port Hardy! 13 degrees pretty cold I’m assuming.”
  • “Victoria, she sounds like she’s hot, but she’s actually cold 14 degrees.”
  • “A little tofu, I like tofu.”
  • “Snow up there! But I don’t know those names so…”
  • “This is beautiful, CTV baby!”

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