WATCH: Tornado-like Whirlwind Passes Over Venice

An amateur videographer captured some great footage of a tornado in Venice, Italy.

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Natural disasters can be bizarrely beautiful, and even more so when they strike a place so normally tranquil and protected. On Tuesday a tornado-like whirlwind swept through Venice, Italy, inspiring some stunning amateur footage.

No one was harmed, and the storm made for some memorable shots: spiraling debris (starting at 0:38) and a swirling plume behind a picturesque pastel building-lined canal (1:04). This video was uploaded by Youtube user Volksburo.

A tornado (correctly called a waterspout when over water) swept across a few islands in Venice’s lagoon yesterday without touching land. See Il Messaggero’s photos of the damage here.

Tornadoes are rare but not unprecedented in this tourist destination of tiny islands linked by canals and bridges. According to Il Messaggero, the worst tornado in Venice’s history hit in 1970 and pulled a water bus — the Venetian equivalent of a subway car — into its spiral, drowning all 21 passengers on board.

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