Video: The Longest Burp In The World Sets New Record

Think you can beat this record-setting 18.1 second burp?

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Do you know where your 10-year-old boy was yesterday? Watching the inaugural World Burping Championships in awe probably. On Wednesday, the World Burping Federation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, hosted the first annual event — giving hope to lads everywhere that their dream of being a world champion burper might someday be a reality.

To achieve their dream though, they will have to unseat the reigning champion of burps. Tim Janus, 35, took the crown at yesterday’s championship with a belch for the history books. After chugging roughly two gallons of Diet Coke and Mountain Dew, Janus erupted in a record-setting 18.1 second burp. We can only imagine how proud his mother is right now.

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How did he do it? “I was just trying to condense all the air in my stomach and bring it to the surface,” said 165-pound Janus to the Daily Telegraph. “You just have to force every last bit of air up. It’s beautiful, really.” A sentiment that proves that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

The New York pizza chef earned his title by stretching his belch out for 18.1 seconds — touted by the WBF as a world record —but if your special skill is in burping strong, not long, fear not because the WBF is sponsoring a decibel-based event in the fall.

“The goal of the WBF is to restore burping to a place of respectability in Western culture, and to remove the stigma that has attached itself to this practice during the past millennium,” said Sebastian Rothschild, executive director of the World Burping Federation, to the Daily Telegraph.

How long until a producer pitches the reality show So You Think You Can Belch?

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