Justin Bieber Sends Out Matt Lauer’s First Tweet

What's the best way to get thousands of Twitter follwers? Have the medium's reigning king take control of your inaugural tweet.

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Matt Lauer witnesses "the power of Bieber."

Less than two hours after Matt Lauer sent his first tweet, he had 75,000 followers on Twitter. “I want to find out the power of Bieber,” the Today show host said, when confiding to the teen idol that he had joined the social-networking service a day ago but had yet to post anything.

Justin Bieber, of course, is the undisputed king of the medium with more than 23 million follwers — second only to its reigning queen, Lady Gaga. During his Friday appearance on the Today show — for which fans spent days camping outside Rockefeller Center — he took Lauer’s cellphone and paid him this one courtesy. “I’m going to speak very proper because I know that’s how you talk,” he said. And then savvily sent out the debut tweet:

And there’s history right there. It wasn’t how Matt Lauer intended it. “You didn’t write any of the stuff I asked you to write?” he laughed. Nope. The host’s first tweet (and subsequent three) are all Bieber-related. And, hey, in case you haven’t heard, he’s got a new album coming out on June 19th. That’s June 19th.

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