Reading While Eating for June 19: Do’s and Don’ts

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: how to throw a War of 1812 centennial party.

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Rick Wilking/Reuters

A message is painted on a truck near where the High Park fire has burned out, west of Fort Collins, in Colorado June 18, 2012. The fire has charred more than 85 square miles and destroyed 181 homes since it was reported June 9, ranking it as the most destructive wildfire in state history.

Don’t Mention the War: Planning to throw your own War of 1812 bicentennial party? Here’s 5 tips. (Mental Floss)

Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something! 12 awesome desks to help inspire your creativity. (Flavorwire)

Famous Last Words: All of Hollywood’s best pre-mortem one-liners in one supercut. (The Daily

Child’s Play: See TIME’s list of awesome things invented by awesome teenagers. (

Highlights from the Dog Frisbee Championships. By which we mean, really awesome pictures of dogs playing Frisbee. We have no idea who won, nor do we (and, we suspect, the dogs) really care. (BuzzFeed)

10 Lesser-Known Natural Wonders: The world is full of interesting things, if you know where on YouTube to look. (The Daily