NBA Stars to Appear in Chinese Sci-Fi Thriller

Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony and Scottie Pippen are ready for their close up.

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You don’t need to be fluent in Chinese to get the gist of this minute-long trailer for Amazing, a joint production between the NBA and China’s Shanghai Film Group. Actors in futuristic garb dunk basketballs, play video games and, of course, kiss girls.

Even more eye-catching that the costumes, however, are guest appearances from U.S. basketball stars Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony and Scottie Pippen.

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Originally scheduled for 2011 release, the film was pushed back until this year. But Howard and Anthony didn’t let the delay impact their burgeoning acting careers; Howard landed a role in The Three Stooges and Anthony appeared on Nurse Jackie.

According to the Shanghai Daily, the film’s story centers the fictional world of “The Sixth Sense” and “uses basketball imagery to combine the visual elements of a video game with a movie, akin to the 2010 American science fiction film Tron: Legacy.”  Maybe that explains all those futuristic fighting costumes. And Dwight Howard’s cape.

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