Reading While Eating for June 21: Angels and Athletes

Happy Recess at Work Day. Even if your boss won't recognize this holiday, take a break, and check out these links about miracles in Missouri, rappers who read, and shots of skateboarders.

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Laszlo Balogh / Reuters

Long-tailed mayflies (Palingenia longicauda) fly over the surface of the Tisza river near Tiszainoka, 135km (84 miles) southeast of Budapest, June 20, 2012. Millions of these short-lived mayflies engage in a frantic rush to mate and reproduce before they perish in just a few hours during "Tiszaviragzas" or Tisza blooming season from late spring to early summer every year.

Do you believe in magic? A Missouri man believes an angel appeared on his chimney. (KOLR)

“Woody-esque”: A montage of all of the people who channel Woody Allen in his movies. His latest film, To Rome with Love, opens tomorrow. (Flavorwire)

And the grand prize goes to: The top 5 mustaches in game show history. (BuzzFeed)

Chill, bro: 12 athletes who hurt themselves during temper tantrums. (Mental Floss)

We are the world: A data visualization shows that Euro 2012 players are not totally European; there are 52 dual eligibility players in the tournament. (

Get some air: Check out LIFE’s photos of skateboarders from the 1960s. (LIFE)

Phew: Success stories from people who got jobs. (

Econ 101: The economic history of the world in one graph. (The Atlantic)

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3The Daily Show‘s John Oliver stars in “A World Without Math,” a video to promote Save the Children’s campaign for math education in Bangladesh and Malawi. (The Daily What)

Reading gets a good rap: A hip hop artist raps books titles. (Flavorwire)