WATCH: Man Asks People To Sign Street Petition To Stop Street Petitioning

Oh, sweet, sweet irony.

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So, what do you get when a street petitioner asks people to sign a street petition demanding that street petitions be abolished? Hmm. Let’s wrap our heads around that one. Guy with petition annoying people to sign petitions to stop petitions…irony! Yep, that’s it.

If you were strolling through New York’s Union Square recently, you might have received a dose of it from one clipboard-wielding humorist, Scott Rogowsky. “I’m going to be walking around asking people to sign this petition that would stop people from asking other people to sign petitions,” he said, pausing for a beat afterward.

The gag, one-note as it is, is slightly fun in that it films a few people tuning out his petition proposition along with those who react with predictable bewilderment. “Dude, don’t you hate it when people stop you in the street? Isn’t this annoying right now, what’s happening,” Rogowsky says to one unenthused passerby. “This is the worst, right?”

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