WATCH: It’s Summer, Here’s a Cool Utah Cliffside Slip N’ Slide

If you're sweltering in a city right now, this is going to look pretty good.

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For those who are either inhabiting an over-airconditioned office cubicle or wandering the sweltering streets today, this too-perfect-looking summertime YouTube upload starring Utah State students is for you. Late last month, on Indie Pictures LLC’s Facebook page, the filmmakers posted a short message: “On June 2nd a grip of crazy kids will be flying down a 40 foot slip slide over a cliff to a 30 foot drop into this lake. No big deal.”

No big deal, that is, until the first “crazy kid” flew down precarious but exhilarating-looking Slip N’ Slide and flipped into the pleasantly clear water below. Naturally, the commercial-ready clip (it’s been compared to a Mountain Dew ad) has gone viral as early June morphed into scorching late June. So far some 400,000 people have clicked on the clip and probably then found themselves perusing discount airline tickets to a beach or riverside locale. Even the guy who appears to have gotten a nasty scrape from the slide is smiling.

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