German Court Bans Male Circumcision

A German court has stepped into a religious minefield with a decision to ban circumcision in the city of Cologne

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A German court has managed to bring together Christians, Muslims and Jews — at least in a shared sense of outrage. The court in Cologne has banned circumcision for boys on the grounds that it amounts to bodily harm.

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The court made its ruling in the case of a 4-year-old boy who had been circumcised at the wishes of his Muslim parents. Two days later, he began bleeding profusely and was taken to a hospital — at which point a public prosecutor stepped in and filed charges against the doctor.

The regional court acquitted the doctor, but decided that the operation did in fact constitute bodily injury and that the child’s right to physical integrity and self-determination comes before the parents’ basic rights, including freedom of religion.

The ruling only applies to the area around Cologne, but the backlash has been severe across the country, perhaps reflecting the concern that it could become a ban on the federal level. Leaders in the Muslim community, which numbers about 4 million in Germany, said the ruling was “adversarial to the cause of integration and discriminatory against all the parties concerned.”

Over in the U.S., where nearly half of all men are circumcised, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham H. Foxman, said in a statement that while the ruling did not appear to take an anti-Semitic slant, “its effect is to say, ‘Jews are not welcome.’”

Not to be left out, Germany’s Christian churches also railed against the ruling, with the Catholic Episcopal Conference calling it “extremely disconcerting.”

Turkey, meanwhile, took a more proactive approach. The country’s European Minister, Egemen Bagis, offered to send over “scientific circumcisers” to give the Germans “lessons in how to circumcise.”

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For Germany’s foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, the whole saga has been a massive headache. Speaking with German daily Bild, he said the ruling caused “irritation” and that Germany is in fact a place where “traditions like circumcision are considered an expression of religious pluralism.”


So the parents circumcised their kid, then when he ended up bleeding and almost dying, they turned against the doctor ? Well what did they expect, that flowers are gonna grow from where the doctor mutilated the child ? The doctor was just respecting the parents right to religious freedom and trying to appease to them. Instead of looking at religious groups as the victim here, let's focus on the real victim. The voiceless, defenseless, innocent child who was mutilated just because of their parents beliefs who wanted to religiously brand him, oh boy and did they religiously brand him indeed.

I don't understand how someone can think cutting a piece of your body, or your child's body and not just any part of the body, but the most sensitive, nerve riddled, intimate, private part of the body is not bodily harm.


Blood means harm. Blood always means harm, how can people be this stupid...well it's not really a question of how it's more a question of how come in this day and age, there are people that still do this to children that aren't even old enough to speak for themselves yet.

Insanity. Pure insanity.


Woo hoo! Way to go germany! :) I am elated! I'm from the US. Send those common sense vibes this way!


@DallasBrown Well, the thing I've learned about America is that it's a multicultural pot, therefore the government and the authorities and all the people in charge are trying to appease and please everyone and not leave out the minorities when they make their decisions, so I don't think anything sane like this will happen in America for the next 300 years at least. But when people will melt together and the cultures from wherever they came from will dissipate through the generations, I'm sure this will happen in America too. But that's at least 3 centuries away.