Watch: How to Walk a Human According to a Cat

Kodi the Kitten's instructional video is for cat eyes only, but we won't tell if you watch it.

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Kodi the Kitten, the six-month old star of Adventures of Shorty & Kodi, has done his species a great service. The cat has developed an extremely helpful instructional video entitled “How to Walk A Human.”

The public service video is for feline eyes only, so we put on some cat-eye glasses and stole a peek at the how-to guide. The seven-step system begins with the basics: “Establish dominance over the leash.” Kodi offers a live-action demonstration of how to do that. (The secret appears to be leaning backwards and pulling.) Then Kodi quickly leads his pupils through the steps necessary to assert dominance and control over a human, including helpful reminders such as “Step 3: Walk in front of them so they know you’re in charge. (Also funny if they fall)” Using Kodi’s simple plan and clear examples means kittens will be doing it for themselves in no time.

At the end of the video, Kodi reminds us what all cats know: An obedient human is a happy human. Don’t worry cats, we feel exactly the same way about you. Now will you please get off the keyboard so we can finish typing?