Meet Doug Pitt, the Second Most Famous Pitt in his Family

Is the world ready for another Pitt, even if this one doesn't come with Angelina in tow?

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Doug Pitt is a funny, good-looking guy just making his way in the world. But if you think he looks a little bit like another Pitt – Brad – you’d be right. They’re brothers.

Doug is now getting his own 15 minutes of fame in an ad for an Australian cell-phone company.

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We’re introduced to Doug on the front steps of his tidy suburban home and informed that “he’s the second most famous Pitt in his family.” To say that he comes across as affable is an understatement. We see his kitchen (Doug calls himself “something of a gourmet”); his “man room” where he taps his foot to some 70s rock (on headphones, since his family doesn’t share his taste in music); his white minivan; and his family room. “This is the family living room, where I usually don’t get to pick what’s on the TV,” he deadpans with an aplomb that would make any actor proud.

The video’s good for a pretty great laugh, but while you watch, ponder this: as Doug shoots some hoops, washes his car, rides his bike and takse his dog for a walk, is it possible that somewhere his famous brother is watching all this normalcy with something like envy?

Nah, we didn’t think so either.

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Aaron Niell Myers
Aaron Niell Myers

Do we not have enough stupidity in the world. Why even highlight this campaign? I'm not going to feel sorry for someone that is reasonably affluent, possible brother of a celebrity because they aren't as famous. I have more important people to worry about, like the families around Australia, and especially other places in the world, who are struggling just to survive. If Virgin Australia wanted to do a decent campaign, then maybe they should have thought about spending some of their marketing money on giving an actual, deserving person facing hardships a fair go. That's something the Australian public, at least their target demographic, might have responded to. Why would newsfeed even bother posting this? In fact, Doug should be praised for not living a life of nepotism, as so many celebrities doing, suddenly all finding they have 'talent'. He has dedicated his life to charity and helping others. With a low profile. So I'm sure he has agreed to this campaign to acquire more funds to continue his work, but I'm just disappointed. Virgin could have gone to people directly, creating awareness and giving a helping hand.