Inside CERN: The Place Where Particles Fly

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The European Organization for Nuclear Research is home to the most sophisticated physics hardware in the world—and, as of this week, the home to one of the most momentous finds ever.

Take a moment to step inside the Large Hadron Collider – also known as the world’s biggest science experiment in our interactive panorama.

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Patricia Van Duyne
Patricia Van Duyne

There are four physical constants associated with Newton, Planck and Einstein. Could a recently discovered particle lead us to a new nuclear constant and/or a fifth physical constant? Proton and electron mass are nuclear constants. The symbols h, h bar, C and G are physical constants. So what comes after the gravitational constant nailed down by Newton? One describing the universe's expansion perhaps? Einstein was looking for and called it a cosmological constant. What repulsive force in the Higg's field between constituent parts exists? This would answer, in part, the question of dark energy, why the universe is expanding.