L.A.-Area Cook Shot Dead Because of Slow Food

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A Los Angeles cook was allegedly killed last week after a fight broke out at his restaurant over slow service.

Raul Lopez, who worked in the kitchen at Hoagies And Wings in Sherman Oaks, was shot in the chest with a semi-automatic weapon last Friday after escorting five irate customers out of the restaurant, according to the Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Police Department officials have now released security surveillance footage, in an attempt to identify the suspects — two of whom are described as having the build of football players.

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The men reportedly yelled racial epithets at Lopez — a father of five — over how long their order was taking, scaring off most of the other costumers in the process. The cook then picked up a chair and tried to shoo the group out the door, and as he turned away to go back inside he was shot.

“It was a random dispute that went tragically wrong,” LAPD Detective James Nuttle told CBS.

All five suspects are reported to be in their 30s, and at least four of them are described as weighing over 300 pounds.

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