WATCH: A Beer with the Midas Touch

The rich and famous have eaten gold in decadent sundaes, and now they can drink it too.

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Not all that glitters is gold… Except in this case. A Czech brewery spent 18 months developing a lager that contains .018 grams of real gold. Named Re, after the Egyptian sun god Ra, the beverage is packaged in champagne bottles.

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But if you’re hoping to get rich by drinking the beer and reselling the gold, don’t get too excited: at current market prices, the gold in a bottle of Re is only worth about 90 cents. And if you’re wondering what the metal tastes like, well, we’ve got bad news for your there too: the gold flakes in Re are merely there to provide a “wow” factor. “Gold is an inert metallic element, so it doesn’t taste of anything,” says chief brewer Mark Pieton. “But it has a very impressive effect, and it also may have a good effect on health later.” (Scientists have yet to find any health benefits associated with consuming gold, although ingesting too much of it can lead to very rare cases of poisoning.)

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pick up one of these bottles at your local liquor store anytime soon: the brewery has only produced 500 bottles in total, and they are only available by request.

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