Oxfam Charity Cashes in on Federer’s Wimbledon Win

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Had he won Wimbledon, Andy Murray would have been the first Brit to win the men’s title since 1936. But Nick Newlife’s will ensured that Murray’s loss to Roger Federer was slightly less of a national tradgedy.

Newlife passed away in 2009, six years after betting more than $2,300, at odds of 66:1, that Federer would win seven Wimbledon titles by 2019.

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Though he did not live to see his payout–seven years before the deadline–the anti-poverty charity Oxfam will collect Newlife’s $155,000 in winnings.

The British tennis aficionado left all of his possessions to Oxfam — including the chit for his 2003 bet.

Oxfam’s Andrew Barton told Britain’s 5 live that it was difficult to watch the match because of his split loyalties.

“It’s just so unfortunate that he nailed it against Andy Murray,” he said.

Though he found himself rooting for his countryman at points, he had to remind himself, “Andrew, remember Oxfam gets the money if Federer wins.”

William Hill, the sports betting company Newlife contacted to place his wager, said it had already paid out £16,750 (about $26,000) to Oxfam from another bet placed by Newlife that Federer would win 14 Grand Slam events.

The Swiss tennis star reached that mark at the 2009 French Open and is now a 17-time Grand Slam champion.

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