CDC Publishes Wedding Day Survival Guide

Sometimes, one of the world's only official repositories of smallpox wants to have its fun, too.

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The Centers for Disease Control want you to be prepared for anything: hurricane, tornado, ebola virus outbreak, zombie apocalypse, even a wedding gone wrong.

“Being in the throes of wedding season, many of us here at CDC realized that planning for a wedding isn’t that much different from planning for a disaster,” reads a post on the CDC’s Public Health Matters blog.  “Just remember: Get a Kit, Make a Plan, and Be Informed.”

The three-step process is a must for all potential brides and grooms in order to avoid or defuse any potential nuptial emergency.

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Though it seems fanciful, is offers useful information. For example, the CDC recommends preparing a “bridal kit” and a “go-bag” with items like safety pins, extra makeup, a first aid kit, water, snacks, sedatives (seriously), extra cash, and important documents.

The organization also wisely advises creating a contact list for out-of-town guests and asking the reception venue for tornado contingency plans.

The CDC even addresses the latent threat of a wedding day bridezilla.

“Be supportive and have some bottled water from your emergency kit and a box of chocolate on hand,” site says.

It’s all part of a concerted push by the agency to use less serious (or less likely) emergencies to draw attention to some very real ones. Last year’s Zombie Apocalypse preparedness plan, complete with an informative graphic novel, was much the same — although it became a bit less amusing after this summer’s Miami face eater and ensuing episodes of cannibalism.

For the full public health guide, click here.

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This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read.  That we, the taxpayers, are paying people to make a 'survival list' for brides.  Geez, drink a lot of water and have some extra make-up...I'm so glad the American government went into debt to make the same list that can be found on a wedding website!

P.S. Sedatives? Seriously? If you think you're going to need sedatives, maybe you need to rethink the future groom you chose.


But we especially the media should fight to preserve marriage. If is is now becoming classified amongst disasters, then it is an indication of a not well handled institution. Marriage is great thing. The best event for mankind. If it is lost, peace and hope of life are lost too.

Dave Holzman
Dave Holzman

On the issue of Centers for Disease Control humor, the CDC has a fight song. Go here to hear it at the Ig Nobel Prize Awards Ceremony:

Or simply go to youtube and search for cdc fight song