Reading While Eating for July 23: Something Fishy

Today's links feature fishy restaurants and fishy witchcraft accusations

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Petr Josek Snr / Reuters

A London bus that is being transformed into a robotic sculpture by Czech artist David Cerny rests in Prague, July 2, 2012. The bus, which Cerny hopes could become an unofficial mascot of the London 2012 Olympic Games, does push-ups with the help of an engine powering a pair of robotic arms. It will be parked outside the Czech Olympic headquarters in London for the duration of the Games.

Fishy: When you order the catch of the day at a restaurant, there’s a 1 in 3 chance you won’t get the fish you ordered.  (Pat’s Papers)

Sticky Situation: Two guys eschew knives, choosing to slice open a watermelon by putting rubber bands around it. They should have worn raincoats.  (The Slo Mo Guys/YouTube)

Stairway to Heaven: A public art exhibition in Germany boasts 112 steps painted in different colors of the rainbow. (BuzzFeed)

Two-Wheel Drive: Bike lanes are so yesterday. Merge onto Denmark’s bike superhighway. (

The X-Files: Aside from all of the blacked-out parts, the FBI files of famous people include some funny things — like Knock-Knock jokes. Here are the nine best parts. (mental_floss)

Bewitched Bovines? If you or someone you know has been accused of witchcraft, then consult this visualization of acceptable defenses. (Flowing Data)

Meta: A round-up of fictional characters reading fiction. (Flavorwire)

From Bombs to Ballads: You never think about the Taliban writing poetry. A new book compiles the politicized — though strangely lyrical — verses. (The Takeaway)

Bird Feeder: Watch baby hawks eat while you eat. (The Daily What)