Drought Across Much of U.S. Leaves Crops Withered and Landscapes Burnt

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The extreme drought now affects more than 60% of the United States, leaving the worst-hit Midwestern states thirsty for water and hankering for relief.

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Zeead Yaghi
Zeead Yaghi

It's called Global Warming, back in the 90s exon mobile execs paid scientists to put out papers and articles to discredit the idea so that they can profit from their oil companies, look at where we are now. 


I have often thought of this idea, and maby someone or the government should take this idea and run with it, at any rate here it is, and please dont tell me its to costly, the drought is even more costly.

Instead of running new gas and oil pipelines all across the country, what about running WATER pipelines all across the country, so when one part of the country is flooded, we could send water to the dry parts and fill the dried up reservoirs of Texas and the dry midwest, or wherever its needed, much of the intra structure is already in place.

Its WAY past time we ALL put our collective heads together and come up with the answers we all so desperatly need, not only for ourselves but for the hopefully future generations ........

So please take ideas like these and RUN with it, together we can build a better mouse trap ( a better idea after more minds work on it).

I need a doggie treat, good luck to all  ..............