WATCH: Police Clash With Protesters in Anaheim

The violence erupted after council members inside Anaheim City Hall voted unanimously to ask the U.S. attorney's office to investigate the shootings of two men last weekend.

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Violent clashes between protestors and police continued Tuesday night in Anaheim, California, as officers reportedly fired rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, and pepper balls into crowds gathered outside city hall to protest alleged police brutality. Police said at least five people were arrested on suspicion of assault and resisting arrest, while a reporter from the Orange County Register was struck by a rock, according to the Los Angeles Times. Journalist Tim Pool said he was attacked by officers while he was covering the protest.

The violence erupted after council members inside Anaheim City Hall voted unanimously to ask the U.S. attorney’s office to investigate the shootings of two men last weekend. After demonstrators were shut out of Tuesday’s council meeting, they tossed rocks and bottles at officers and ignored police warnings to disperse, notes the Associated Press.

On Saturday, police killed Manuel Angel Diaz in Anaheim’s east side. The following night, Joel Mathew Acevedo was shot and killed after he fired at an officer, reports the Times, though Diaz’s family lawyer said he was shot while running from police. Diaz’s family has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city’s police department and is seeking $50 million in damages. Mayor Tom Tait, meanwhile, has called for state and federal reviews, while the police union defended the shootings. So far this year, five people have died in Anaheim police shootings, up from four in 2011.

Anaheim has become a buzzword on Twitter. Here, a quick look at what people are saying:

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David C. Couper
David C. Couper

This is a difficult situation and one that few cities or their police departments are prepared. For insight and direction in improving our police, take a look at my new book and visit my blog, “Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off

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Elizabeth Kaplan
Elizabeth Kaplan

So all of this violence is going on at a protest against police brutality? Clearly the protestors are yet to adequately convey their point...


I guess the State of California is not up to looking into this matter.  What happened to the Attorney General?  


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