Step Aside, Spider-Man: Presenting the Door Frame-Climbing Toddler

NewsFeed warns you not to let your three-year-old try this at home.

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By the age of three, most children have mastered the basics of walking and talking. And if they’re really clever they might have learned to read a bit. Little Sofya Dickson from Loughborough, England has done one better. Not only has she taught herself to scale door frames, she’s also become the latest internet sensation.

A video of the toddler in action has so far attracted nearly 215,000 views on YouTube. In the video, a determined Sofya repeatedly chants “I can do it” while slowly moving up the door frame. Once at the top, she proudly shouts for her mommy. Her father Peter can be heard in the background nervously telling his daughter “Ok, that’s high enough” and warns her not to bang her head.

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The 39-year-old college lecturer told the Daily Telegraph, “I took the film on my smart phone about a week ago. Later the same day I mentioned it while chatting on the phone to my sister. “She told me to put it on YouTube so she could see it. I had never put anything on YouTube before.”

He has admitted that he finds Sofya’s sudden worldwide fame “a bit bizarre.” “I’m getting phone calls from America and it’s all very strange to be honest,” he revealed to the BBC.

Despite requests from U.S. television networks for permission to broadcast the video, as well as an offer by a Californian marketing agency to represent Sofya, Mr. Dickson is not hoping to milk his daughter’s newfound fame. Instead, he is adamant that all proceeds will go to Save the Children. “Sadly for my Hot Tub fund it makes sense to pass that cash onto children who can’t afford their own door frame,” said Dickson. He is, however, considering suggestions to take Sofya to a local rock climbing center, though he remains sceptical as to whether a three-old-year would be allowed through the door.

NewsFeed has an alternative proposal. We think that a future career as Spider-Woman beckons.

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