Reading While Eating for July 31: Turn Up The Music

Today's links feature a dramatic poetry reading and a dramatic Yelp review reading.

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Dominic Ebenbichler / Reuters

Micronesia's Manuel Minginfel drops weights on the men's 62Kg Group B weightlifting competition at the London 2012 Olympic Games, July 30, 2012

Poetry in Motion: Add some rhythm to your lunch break by listening to “‘Tavern. Tavern. Church. Shuttered Tavern,'” a fun poem by Patricia Smith, a 2008 National Book Award finalist.
(PBS News Hour/Soundcloud)

Free-Wheelin’: Life ain’t so easy when you’re an electric unicycle racer. Watch’s Techland editor demonstrate the art of one-wheelin’. (

Twit-Opinion: Samuel L. Jackson has a lot to say about the Olympics.  NBC should hire him as a commentator.  See his most epic tweets here. (BuzzFeed)

Up Close: Browse these photos from the sets of classic films. (Flavorwire)

“The Heck Do Ya Mean?” Based on Fargo, the Coen Brothers are making a documentary about why Minnesotans are so polite and how that’s dangerous. (mental_floss)

Closing Time: The U.K. band Blur is performing at the Olympics’ closing ceremony. Catch up on the group’s discography with Slate’s Spotify playlist. (Slate)

A Capital Rapper: Meet Wale (pronounced “WALL-EH”), a Nigerian rapper from Washington, D.C. Listen to his hit single “Lotus Flower Bomb,” and NPR’s story about his rise to fame. (WNYC)

Mouthful: Watch this dramatic reading of a Yelp review, and you’ll wish that all web reviews of restaurants were presented this way. (Huff Post Comedy)