The 5 Best Viral Videos of July

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Here at NewsFeed, we spend something like 23.5 hours a day on YouTube, where we are driven alternately to uproarious laughter, utter confusion, or crushing tears. So when it comes to rounding up our favorite viral videos of the month, it can be quite a chore to sort through the range of emotions we have experienced over the past 30 (or so) days. But, we raise our chins up and proudly reflect on the best videos that have come across our screens.

In July, we watched anxiously as a young girl teetered on an air conditioner three stories up, and let out a huge relieved sigh as a heroic bus driver caught her just before she hit the ground. We saw the First Couple miss the kiss cam at a basketball game then make good on their smooch when the camera came around again later. And we nearly blinked and missed San Diego’s Fourth of July 15-second-long fireworks bust, but luckily YouTube lets us rewind as many times as we want.

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So, in the rare chance that you haven’t spent quite as much time on YouTube as we have over the past month, we present to you our favorite viral videos of the month.

(Editor’s Note: We sincerely apologize for leaving off Cookie Monster’s “Share It Maybe.” But really, it deserves to stand alone. Watch it here.)