Shannon Eastin Set To Become First Female Referee In NFL History

After years of officiating at the college level, Eastin will break through the NFL's glass ceiling during Thursday's Green Bay-San Diego exhibition game.

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Seattle Seahawks

Referee Shanon Eastin

Phyllis Diller famously said that the reason women don’t play football is because you could never get 11 of them to wear the same outfit in public. When Shannon Eastin takes the field in San Diego on Thursday, she won’t have that problem, because she’ll be the only woman on the field wearing the black and white stripes of a referee.

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During Thursday’s exhibition game between the Green Bay Packers and the San Diego Chargers, Eastin is slated to make history as the first woman to officiate an NFL football game. While Eastin is more than qualified to officiate — she’s long been a college-level referee in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference — her chance to break through the NFL’s glass ceiling is due to locked doors. The NFL and its referees have been involved in a labor dispute that resulted in a lockout on June 3rd, when the labor agreement between the league and the NFL Referees Association lapsed.

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With the regular season just weeks away, the NFL is training replacement officials for the upcoming games. But the ref camps aren’t going smoothly: the league’s referee trainers — who are mostly former NFL officials themselves — have refused to train the replacements, including Eastin. Whether that was due to her gender or to the ongoing labor dispute is unclear. reports that, “The officiating trainers — a group of nine of the game’s most respected former officials — were asked to turn in their company-issued laptops after refusing to train Eastin and others.”

Regardless of the reasons behind the barrier-breaking moment, when Eastin takes the field as part of the officiating crew on Thursday, it will be history in the making. The game starts at 8 p.m. ET on Aug. 9 and will be broadcast on ESPN.

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Alex Yamach
Alex Yamach

 And she'll be the first NFL Referee to make a Workman's Comp Claim after

getting slammed or run over by an errant player.who doesn't see her because she

is so small.


And the camera men will be ordered not to show her bending over because it

will be considered sexually suggestive.


And the players will be told not to curse of use sexual language during the

game to prevent her from filing a "hostile work environment" lawsuit.


And if she is a single Mom, will we have some games short a referee because

her baby sitter called in sick at the last minute?


And then she'll file a lawsuit because the NFL won't allow her to wear

earrings during a game but allows the players to do so.


And then she'll file a lawsuit when she is pulled from games after she is

found to be pregnant.


And she'll claim the media is picking her because she is a woman after she

misses a call in big game and gets criticized for it.


And of course the the media will make a celebrity out of her and a

millionaire with endorsement deals, magazine covers, book deals, a TV Movie,

etc. and give her an undeserved amount of coverage, just like they are doing

with that crummy race car driver Danica Patrick who has only won 2 races in 10

years. And quit after a couple years because she is now rich. All this while Men

that have been NFL Referees for many, many years are ignored and have never

gotten any offers from the media to make any extra money on the side.


And be prepared for the predictable complaints and lawsuits about sexual



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I took my wife and daughter  up to Latrobe Pa. last week for Steelers training camp and  a one day training camp for the Steelers Ladies. It was great. There were about 320 women Steelers fans that participated. They went through the drills run by former Steelers, got to watch the practice from the sidelines and got to meet some of the current player. They had a wonderful time. You never saw so many women into the nuts a bolts of football and enjoying every moment.

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And people still won't take women seriously...

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More women are graduating from college, the 20 something women make more than their male counter-parts and women make most of a family’s big financial decisions (hint: season tickets).  The NFL needs to sell more tickets and their future is not just with the dudes -- they have to include women. Perhaps they will finally get rid of the degrading "cheerleaders" in the NFL and just concentrate on the game instead of objectifying women in barely-there costumes. When that happens they will have even more women fans willing to buy season tickets.  Let’s hope this day is near.


Hard to celebrate the historic moment when she's a scab.