‘You Just Got Robbed’: Thieves Make Up Fake Reality Show to Hold Up Pizzeria

The reality show was a hoax, but the robbery was very real.

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Usually, televised reality shows have nothing to do with reality. But for two Pennsylvania pizzeria employees who were told they were being filmed for a reality show called “You Just Got Robbed” it was, in fact, very real. So real that the show didn’t even exist — and the workers were, quite simply, being robbed.

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Two enterprising criminals pulled their alleged stunt on a pizza shop in Indiana, Pa. Randall Smith, 21, and Artie Goodwine, 18, are facing robbery charges after holding up Fox’s Pizza Den in the town 45 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Two of the pizzeria’s employees were accosted outside the restaurant by the two suspects after 1 a.m. on Monday. “The one male put us both in a headlock and said, ‘You’re gonna be on a reality show TV show called “You Just Got Robbed,”‘” said one of the victims, who did not want to be identified to KDKA. “The other started recording the incident.”

Smith and Goodwine made off with approximately $20 out of one of the victim’s wallets, police said. The duo were quickly apprehended by local police after an off-duty police officer witnessed the incident. According to the Associated Press, Smith has posted bail but Goodwine remained in the Indiana County Jail on Monday.

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