Reading While Eating for August 9: The Letter “B”

Today's links honor the letter "B," featuring books, baking, birds, bears, and more.

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Israeli researcher Noam Tzvikel holds a bat in a laboratory at Tel Aviv University during an examination of the changes in the its nose structure, which reflect the focus, direction and width of its sonar beam, July 23, 2012. Israeli researchers aim to reveal the secrets of bats to shed more light on the behaviour and cognition of the species. They hope their findings could pave the way for new and improved radar systems and robotic technologies. Picture taken July 23, 2012.

Baking: Get to know your oven, and learn why the oven dial is so off. (Slate)

Bookmarks: Check out these Google maps of famous authors’ homes. (Flavorwire)

Buy Me Maybe: The domain name is available. Just sayin’. (BuzzFeed)

Bird-Brained: Does eating rice thrown at weddings make birds explode? Uh, no. Here’s why not. (mental_floss)

Boogie Down: Diplomacy is a delicate dance. Here’s a gif animation of Hillary Clinton groovin’. (The Daily What)

Bus: A photographer depicts the outer reaches of London from a bus. (

Bears: Watch three bear cubs get rescued from a dumpster. (AWESOMEOnaut / YouTube)