After a Brief Hiatus, the ‘Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan’ Meme Is Back

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Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Well, that didn’t take long. After a brief sabbatical, the “Hey Girl” Tumblr dedicated to Paul Ryan is back up and running, now that Mitt Romney has officially chosen the Wisconsin Congressman as his running mate.

The meme, originally inspired by Ryan Gosling, pairs images of Ryan with politically charged pickup lines like “Hey girl, unlike the debt, our love will never hit a ceiling” and the more succinct “Hey girl, let’s get fiscal.” The blog launched in late April; the creators decided to call it quits just a week later. But now that Representative Ryan is back in the spotlight, so is the Tumblr created in his honor. In a recent post to revive the site, the hosts wrote:



Your gracious Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan hosts will be gladly accepting bubbly alcoholic beverages, prior even to 10am, in celebration of the success of our one and only.

The blog’s creators describe themselves as “a few 20-something women who think fiscal sanity and conservative values are sexier than anything else.” Recent additions to the arsenal of Paul Ryan pickup lines include “Hey girl, I AM your American dream” and “Hey girl, That figure? I know you built that.”

And now it appears Twitter’s also getting into the game. A new account, using the handle @paulryangosling, popped up Saturday as well, garnering more than 12,000 followers by Sunday afternoon. In theory, sure, it’s pretty much the same as the Tumblr. But in practice, well, you don’t get the full effect without seeing the quotes superimposed on closeup photos of the Veep hopeful. Hey girl, NewsFeed thinks the election just got a bit more exciting.

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