Reading While Eating for August 15: Games, Old and New

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: New Olympic games, mesmerizing maps and Hitler golf.

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William Webster/Reuters

A member of Russian female punk group Pussy Riot who is still at large drinks coffee after an interview with Reuters journalists in Moscow, August 13, 2012. A court will deliver a verdict on Friday in the case of three members of the band who are accused of hooliganism after a performance in Moscow's main cathedral.

Gaming the Games: TIME’s sports editors suggest which Olympic sports to add and which to drop like a splintered ping pong paddle. Bring on Sepak Takraw! (

Flo, Say It Ain’t So! A New York City comedian is calling out Progressive Insurance, saying that not only did it try to avoid paying his family when his sister died in a car crash, but that it actually defended her killer in court. (Gawker)

Mesmerizing Map of the Day: A realtime map of U.S. wind patterns that’s strangely soothing. (

Today in ‘Hey, Baby’: Introducing the Ryan Gosling Coloring Book. (BuzzFeed)

Who’s on the $1 Bill? Check out these thoughtful redesigns of U.S. currency bills — now color coded and featuring interesting national trivia. In other words, they’re beer mats. (The Daily What)

Houston, We Have a Problem: Here are 4 ridiculous accidents in space — where, thankfully, everyone survived. (Mental Floss)

Does This Minigolf Hole Look Like Hitler To You? Yeah, kinda. (The Awl)

How’s This For an Olympic Sport? Behold: Wind tunnel acrobatics. (Daily Motion)