WATCH: Underground Marijuana Farm Found in Rome Metro

Italian pot farmers took their operation underground -- way underground.

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Police in Rome recently uncovered a massive marijuana growing operation buried deep within the Italian capital’s Metro system. Italy’s financial police told Reuters that they had confiscated 340 kilos of the drug worth an estimated $3.7 million, making the discovery one one of Italy’s largest drug hauls ever.

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The pot farming operation was discovered in an abandoned Mussolini-era metro tunnel in the southeastern corner of the city. The tunnels that run underneath that area of Rome are frequently used for mushroom farming — and that was the official use for the tunnel that was busted. It was the notoriously pungent smell of marijuana around the tunnel’s entrance that led police to the underground weed farm. Once inside, police found row upon row of cannabis growing hidden behind a wall, as shown in the video released by the police. Along with the plants, weighing and processing equipment are also evident. The owner of the operation has been arrested.

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