Top 7 Tony Scott Movie Moments

A look at some of the most memorable moments from Tony Scott's films

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Cmon you forgot #1. Plumiting off a CA bridge without a green screen or a bungie cord.

At least he saved us from having to watch anymore of his souless feel good nonsense action movies. If only his brother would of gone with him after Prometheus who would notice.

Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson

 Trolvar you are a freaking idiot. The man just died and all you can think about is his film style? This is a free country and anyone can say what they want. But who the hell are you?

He's directed some of the biggest blockbusters and hit movies and movies that got your pulse racing in the last 26 years. What have you done? Go to work and live an anonymous and Joe Public life?

I bet you wouldn't have even have had the courage to direct a 1987 Eddie Murphy or 1986 Tom Cruise.

You jealous ass chump.  Screw you, your taste, and your soul-less ass.