Dogshaming: The Greatest Tumblr of Canine Misbehavior Ever

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Is there anything better than publicly shaming someone who deserves it and won’t even be embarrassed?

If the answer is no, then say hello to Dogshaming, a new Tumblr that’s become the latest form of ineffective punishment for misbehavin’ canines.

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Simply put, anyone can submit to the site a photo of their dog–preferably looking bashful–posing with a written account of their crime.

Some are benign. A beagle luxuriating on the couch on which it sheds its hair while its owner is in meetings, for example, pales in comparison to the self-loathing black lab that barks at its own behind during particularly loud episodes of flatulence.

It’s like a dog version of Post Secret, except far funnier. How many anonymous revelations of philandering and misbehavior can you really take at one sitting, anyway? Dogs will look cute no matter how much feces they eat in the privacy of their own homes. And non-dog people can revel in the bizarrely grotesque objects these dogs love to consume.

The site’s runner(s) are unknown as of now, but they do have a few rules for submissions–no dead things, no racism and no spelling mistakes (lolcat speak is teh OK, apparently).

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It's supposed to be a light-hearted, fun site. I think you're taking it too seriously. Nobody actually thinks putting their dog's photo on the Internet will change their behaviour.


Dogshaming???? If you want to own a dog and you get upset when they act like a dog then try training your dog and take some responsibility for your pets actions. Really you should be wearing the sign " I own a dog and have no idea how to train or spend time with him/her." Try shaming your kids so when they get out in public they don't act like fools...actually same goes for some grown ups as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The hardest thing to do is repremand our cute furry pets; but, when applicable it must be done in appropriate manner. Shaming them is NOT in this catagory. Your pets are your legacy as your family is and their behavior is a reflection of the owner in many instances. A shredded toilet paper roll is a pain to clean up, yet funny. Keep things in appropriate concept.