Reading While Eating for August 22: Sketchy Edits

Today's links include a graphic about the spread of capitalism and capital renditions of theme songs

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Randall Hill / Reuters

A loggerhead turtle hatchling makes it's way to the surf, as tourists and volunteers look on, at South Litchfield Beach along the coast of South Carolina August 17, 2012. South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts (SCUTE), is a group of volunteers dedicated to sea turtle conservation in Georgetown and Horry counties. Turtle volunteers walk the area's beaches along South Carolina's coast daily during the nesting season, looking for signs of turtle activity and keeping tabs on the progress of the endangered species of turtles that lay their eggs along the coast. Photo taken August 17, 2012

Ahem: Bodily functions like sneezing, coughing, and yawning say more about our feelings than you would think. (The Takeaway / SoundCloud)

Singalong: If you haven’t been following the outrageous comments made by Missouri congressman Todd Akin (R), this song will bring you up to date. (The Daily What) Hey bros, is up for sale, and so are these other wacky political domain names. (

For The Love of Money: This interactive graphic shows how sales of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations illustrate the spread of capitalism throughout the years. (Harvard Meta Lab) (h/t Edudemic)

Scratch That: At first, Bugs Bunny was just a nickname for an artist’s sketch, but it ended up being the name of the iconic cartoon character. A round-up of eight great moments in editing. (mental_floss)

Cat Chords: You might find this cat singing the Game of Thrones theme song “a-mew-sing.” (BuzzFeed)

A Flop: These floppy drives are synced up to play the Ghostbusters theme song. (Bippitt)