Cheer up! Monday Isn’t All That Bad, Study Says

A report by researchers at Stony Brook University finds that most weekdays are pretty much the same.

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Get your head up off that desk. It turns out, Monday isn’t the worst day of the week.

In a report published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, researchers found that Americans disliked Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays pretty much equally. The only tolerable day of the workweek? Friday. And that may only be because people are looking forward to the weekend.

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The team, led by academics at Stony Brook University, culled their data from a poll conducted by Gallup that surveyed over 340,000 people.

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Professor Arthur Stone, who worked on the project, told the BBC that Monday’s bad rap is largely attributable to the mood swing on Sunday as people anticipate the rest of the week: “Despite our global beliefs about lousy Mondays, we conclude that this belief should be abandoned.”

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Agree with what Juliana said. The feel of working are gone after you realize that the holiday is coming soon. It's happen to everyone, not matter student or employees. But, I still wish everyday is holiday so that every day can have fun. It seems like impossible even with Kechara Wish Fulfilling Chakras. 

Juliana Mafra
Juliana Mafra

actually, I find Fridays really the worst day. No one feels like working, and yet they have to work anyway. In the end, it is not as productive as it could be, taking much longer to make any decisions or working in any project. The feeling of awaiting for the weekend is not overall as positive as the weekend itself.

Jardin J
Jardin J

I personally vote Tuesday. It's got all the awfulness of Monday piled on top. By Wednesday you're starting to get used to it.