Reading While Eating for Aug. 27: Shocking

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: a rare Neil Armstrong video, a user's guide to Tic-Tacs and a pair of Tesla Coils rocking out.

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Marko Djurica/Reuters

A boat and its anchor are stuck on the dry riverbed of the drought-stricken Danube river in Belgrade, Aug. 26, 2012. The western Balkans is in a heatwave that has seen temperatures top 104 degrees Fahrenheit, while Serbia also faces the worst drought in nearly 60 years.

One Small Step for Man: A 1970 BBC interview with Neil Armstrong, in which he discusses being one of the only humans to see the Earth from the Moon in wonderfully stilted 1970s British television-speak (YouTube)

Oh Come On, Cleveland: Six-year-old Eugene Johnson and 293 other students got a surprise last Wedneday morning when they were ordered to attend a school that had been demolished two years ago. (The Plain Dealer)

On the Campaign Trail: Check out some classic, vintage photos of political campaigns from the pages of LIFE magazine (

Snack Like a Boss: The only way to eat Tic-Tacs. (The Daily

Scary Map of the Day: Watch Hurricane Isaac’s trajectory here. (

There’s Something Very Wrong with These People. Behold the ad for a new McDonald’s lamb burger (in Australia and New Zealand only — figures). (BuzzFeed)

Hey Everybody! Here’s a few rare photos of Pee Wee Herman looking serious. (Flavorwire)

The Secret U.S. Government Plan to Invade Canada. Yes, they had one. In 1927. (Mental Floss)

TMI, Newlyweds! According to the New York Daily News, just-married couples are now taking sexy “morning after” photos the day after their wedding day. Ew. (The Week)

The South’s Hair Shall Rise Again: Watch two Tesla coils play “Sweet Home Alabama.” Need we say it? Shockingly good. (The Daily