MSNBC Anchor Melissa Harris-Perry’s Home Destroyed By Hurricane Isaac

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Sometimes nature has a cruel sense of humor. On Sunday, to mark the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, anchor Melissa Harris-Perry eagerly gave a televised tour of the New Orleans home she and her husband recently bought. The grand house in New Orleans 7th ward was destroyed and abandoned during Hurricane Katrina. Stunningly, just two days later, the house no longer stands, succumbing this time to Hurricane Isaac.

She told viewers during her MSNBC show Sunday that she was planning to restore the home. Sure, it may have been lacking many of the structural details people look for in homes, such as all four walls — this home had only three, and the interior lay in complete rot. But Harris-Perry expressed excitement at the prospect of the restoration. “It’s just a physical thing, yet it represents so much more than that,” she told viewers during her MSNBC tour. “It’s also a symbol of hope.” Unfortunately, Hurricane Isaac finished what Katrina started. On Tuesday, Harris-Perry tweeted that her home had been destroyed by the storm as it passed through New Orleans.

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During her tour of the tattered home, the Tulane University political science professor dubbed the restoration project an “extreme home makeover.”  Seven years after the catastrophic levee failure that devastated the city, Hurricane Isaac has once again battered the city with rain and floods. A substantial portion of Harris-Perry’s house was destroyed. The photo she tweeted Tuesday shows much of the back half of the home laying in a pile of rubble. She wrote that she was “feeling sad,” but the “House was vacant except for my dreams.”

Harris-Perry said Sunday: “If you just glance at [the home], all you see is the destruction. But if you pause and look at the bones of it … you see that there’s real life here.” Hopefully this time around, she’ll find the same comfort amid the destruction.

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Watch the recent MSNBC segment featuring Melissa Harris-Perry’s now-destroyed 7th Ward home.

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